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The use of therapeutic grade essential oils combined with a healthy holistic lifestyle have been game changers for our family. Our on-going journey incorporating Young Living into every aspect of our lives has profound impacts in our physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial well being. We are passionate about sharing these precious oils with others and are blown away, time and time again, by the testimonies of countless others who have experienced their wide range of benefits!

Together we enrich the lives of Young Living customers and entrepreneurs by providing education, coaching, and community on the use and sharing of essential oils and related products for all aspects of personal care.

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Essential oils have been described as “nature’s living energy.” Distilled from the stems, bark, leaves, flowers and other parts of the plant, these highly concentrated and aromatic extracts deliver powerful compounds and constituents that support widespread physical and emotional wellbeing. Each oil – depending on the plant(s) it’s derived from – offers unique and life-enhancing benefits. By making essential oils a part of their everyday lives, millions of people are discovering a natural path to supporting lifelong wellness... for you, your family, and all around the home!

There are so many oils and so many uses:

At Wellness Legacy we believe that getting the most out of your experience with Young Living products requires a holistic approach to wellness that covers eight major categories of personal care. Everyone is unique and we can help you identify which area of personal care would be best to tackle first to move you closer to health and wellbeing. Young Living products (essential oils, household products, beauty care, targeted nutritionals) combined with on-going education, coaching and community with the Wellness Legacy team is a powerful combination!

Our Personal Care Polygon™, pictured below, shows the eight categories of personal care. You can click each topic to read Wellness Legacy Blog posts tagged to that area of focus. We are regularly adding new content to keep you up-to-date on the latest ways to improve your personal Wellness Legacy!

Personal Care Polygon

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