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Green Smoothie Foods

Foundational Products

In partnership with Amare Global our holistic wellness products provide support for mental fitness, stress resilience, physical performance, and whole-body wellbeing. We are focused on the latest in scientific advances in the gut-brain-heart axis including the microbiome and neurotransmitters. Whether you are a busy super-mom juggling dozens of responsibilities, an elite athlete looking for a performance edge, or you're currently feeling a bit "off" and "stressed out" like so many others... We have the foundational products designed to empower you to be your best you!

Cheryl drinking her Amare Hapy Juice


Happy Juice


The only Mood/Energy/Gut Supplement Drink that is scientifically backed by clinical data to reduce cortisol, increase happy neurotransmitter production, and optimize gut-brain health.

First Time Customer Bonuses:

  • $10 off plus FREE "reboot" ($27)


Happy Hormones

Balance your hormones with an easy and comprehensive holistic approach!


Supports all 3 areas of hormone communicators within the reproductive (sex), stress (cortisol), and metabolic (gut-brain-heart) systems. 

First Time Customer Bonuses:

  • $10 off plus FREE "reboot" ($27)

Happy Hormones Triple Threat Benefits
Cheryl with a couple Amare Kids Calm gummies


Calm (not just for kids)

Melatonin & sugar free Calm gummies that help you wind down, sleep deeply and support good moods.

These clinically backed gummies are a powerful sleep support for both adults and kids as they help your body create its own melatonin and serotonin.


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for what's next on the horizon.

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