It really can be as easy as 1-2-3. Let us show you how!

We boil success in Young Living down to just a few critical operating principals that look like this:

Keep It Simple:

There are lots of well crafted programs from Young Living teams around the globe. Rather than start from scratch, the Wellness Legacy team has chosen to utilize powerful resources from up-line, cross-line, and down-line partners. In addition, we look to contribute and share our insights, learnings and creations with the broader Young Living community.


Want to grow your business in rapid fashion? Then focus all your energy toward three key activities and you can pretty much ignore all the rest... seriously. Keep the main thing, the main thing, and leave the "other" things (think blog posts, Instagram stories, YouTube videos) as accessory work and only if you really enjoy it! So what are those three activities that should be in your weekly game-plan?

  1. Teach Classes - we have everything necessary to help you do this... you don't need to create a single thing!
  2. Get as many people on Essential Rewards as possible - the goal is 100%!
  3. Train Leaders - as you progress, duplication will be the force multiplier to accelerate your growth more than anything else!

The majority of the resources we point our team members to are aimed at improving your abilities in the three activities above.

Wellness Legacy Team:

Our team slogan is more than a slogan it is how we choose to show-up each and every day. We are driven by purpose. Fueled by passion. Guided by love. We have a TON OF FUN together and support each other at every step in the journey. We have people from all walks of life with unique stories about how they found Young Living and Wellness Legacy. We have a very active, team exclusive, Facebook group where a day does not go by without the opportunity to learn, grow, and encourage others. We are better together and are committed to helping you succeed!