Hello Friends, my name is Cheryl Manning...

Why I Choose Young Living

My first experience with essential oils was with oils I purchased at a retail store. It didn't go so well and let's just say I learned you get what you pay for. Not only did the results I was seeking did not happen with these store bought oils, I had an adverse reaction. After this experience, I did quite a bit of research and personal experimentation and found that Young Living oils were very effective in supporting my health and wellness. Their great medicinal benefits surpassed my expectations and out performed all the other options I had tried. I could literally feel and smell the difference in the quality... and it mattered!

"Seed to Seal" represents Young Living’s promise to quality at every step in the creation process. It is also the reason that I decided to use Young Living oils and join other leaders in the wellness industry who are passionate about quality, purity, and science. I love Young Living's Seed to Seal promise - which means I can feel confident about the quality of the oils I use and share with others. I have had the opportunity to visit a Young Living Farm in Mona Utah where I got to see and participate in the entire Seed to Seal Process. Loved it, lived it, can confidently share it is more then a slogan - it is a practice and a calling!

To learn more about how Young Living is driven by a desire to serve the global community and to inspire our employees and customers around the world, watch the Seed to Seal video.

More On The Personal Side

I am a wife, mother of three, an occupational therapist, and a health and wellness coach.  My story, my struggles, and my experiences with health and the difficulties and joys of life have given me great empathy and compassion for coming along side others and helping them achieve optimal well-being. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and enjoy blending my medical background, nutrition and whole food supplementation education, holistic health practices, trauma/freedom training, and personal journey to help support others reach their wellness goals. Each person has a story and unique needs! It is such a joy for me to walk along side others as they discover their path to wellness.   

I've been blessed to have a husband who equally shares my passion for health and wellness. Todd is my soul mate and my business partner at Wellness Legacy and Manning Family Wellness. He shares a bit more about his role here at Wellness Legacy below...

Cheryl's Favorite Oils

Emotions = Joy
Resilience = Valor
EVERYTHING! = Frankincense
Energy = Peppermint
Wow Oil = Transformation
Hormone Support = Endoflex and Thyromin

Hey Friends, my name is Todd Manning

If there were a few words that summarized my passions it would be serial-entrepreneur, personal bio-hacker, and tech-head! Building businesses, organizations, teams, and other leaders is in my blood and has been for some time. Starting with my own lawn care business at the age of nine, founding a variety of start-ups (Manning Family Wellness being one of those) and building highly productive technology teams at companies like Amazon.com and Premera Blue Cross.

I've always been a HUGE fan of personal health and wellness. Lucky for me, when I married by beautiful wife in 1998, not only did I find a soul mate but a like-minded person who would make a commitment to healthy living alongside me! The Young Living products are a daily part of many areas of my wellness. From sports performance to mental performance to um.. bedroom performance.. and more!

You'll find me behind a good majority of the technology for Wellness Legacy. I love providing simple and easy on-line experiences for this community. Doing my best to connect people to other people and information to improve their well-being. If you have ideas or recommendations for how we can improve the Wellness Legacy website or social media channels... I'm the guy to talk to!

Todd's Favorite Oils

Energy = Peppermint
General = Thieves
Sleep = Lavender
Libido = Shutran
Mindfulness = Transformation